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Trust & Private Wealth Protection

Our results, and the length of our client relationships, are a testament to our dedicated trust & private wealth service.  From the administration of a single asset to the provision of services to complex multi-generational families our legal strategies are designed to provide long-term planning for successive generations.

Trust and private wealth matters for high-net-worth global clients with a connection to the U.S. or planning to have a connection to the U.S. by way of family members immigrating to the U.S., residing or attending higher education in the U.S. or investing in U.S. real property and businesses are complex issues.  


The firm provides bespoke trust and legal services to high net worth and international clientele. Trusts are typically employed to hold portfolio investments, real estate, operating companies, as well as unique assets such as artworks, automobiles and intangibles.  

Flexible trust planning has never been more important as a result of tax, political, economic, lawsuit and family uncertainty. Modern trusts, investment management LLCs, trust protectors and special purpose entities can serve to provide a family with flexibility and control to deal with these uncertainties inter-generationally.


Speak with our team about wealth planning and trust services, and dealing with complex structures for the growth, protection and transfer of assets.  Families with multi-jurisdictional structures holding financial investments, residential and commercial real estate are especially well served by our firm.

“Javier has some great experience with non-profits and was very helpful in providing direction and advice. He was able to communicate clearly and answer questions for our organization.”


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