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When do I need an Estate Plan?

Every individual should have a well-prepared estate plan to ensure that their loved ones and property are taken care of according to their wishes. Creating or reviewing an estate plan is especially important if you have young children or if you’ve been through a divorce or remarriage.

At a minimum, an estate plan includes a Will, Power of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directive.  A more comprehensive estate plan will include trusts and advance estate planning tools.

Estate plans can be simple or complicated, depending on your goals.  We will listen to you and provide our recommendations to help you accomplish your wishes.

The Estate Planning Process

1. Call or Email to set up an appointment

Call or email to set up an appointment.

2. Meeting number 1

Meet with you to understand your goals, questions, and concerns.  Discuss options available and make recommendations for your situation.

3. Sign Up

Approve recommendations for your Estate plan, sign fee agreement and issue payment

4. Draft

Draft estate plan documents and deliver for your review.  

5. Meeting number 2

Schedule in-office signing event.  Witnesses and notaries are provided.

We offer meetings in-person at our centrally located Beaverton office as well as virtual meetings.

 In-home and weekend appointments may be accommodated upon availability and request.  

“Javier and Alex are pros in their field. They expertly took care of estate planning needs for my wife and me. Javier is pleasant and easy to work with. He let us make decisions but offered sound advice when we asked questions.”

Kerry E.

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